ESG at Couchbase

At Couchbase, ESG is among the many ways we put Our Values in action. Although all six values statements stand in support of our ESG vision, there are some, such as Be A Good Human, Act With Uncompromising Integrity and Make Tomorrow Better Than Today, that we believe are not only core to who we are, but are critical in earning the trust of our employees, customers, partners and shareholders, and are foundational to our success as a business. 

That’s why our focus on ESG begins at the top – our Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee of the Board is responsible for overseeing ESG matters and receives regular updates on a variety of ESG topics. Updates are provided to our Board at least annually. There is also executive-level oversight: our CEO is a champion of our ESG efforts and our CLO serves as executive sponsor, providing oversight of the activities of the ESG working group. The ESG working group, established in 2022, consists of a cross-functional team that collaborates to define ESG strategy, identify priorities and advance initiatives.

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As a leader in database technology, Couchbase is an international company with a global reach, mindful that challenges like climate change should be tackled not just by governments but by innovative companies like ours. Along our journey, we recognize that we have an impact on the planet and its natural resources, and how we conduct our business can greatly increase or reduce this impact. Couchbase is committed to exploring ways to continually reduce its impact to Make Tomorrow Better Than Today, Starting Now.


We amplify our social impact by cultivating a collaborative, diverse and inclusive culture and supporting our employees, customers and communities to thrive. It all starts with our very first value: Be A Good Human, Always. This commitment is grounded in passionate advocacy for humanity and belonging. We will always strive to be good humans, and we do that by insisting that we live Our Values through authenticity, acceptance and connection. We strive to not just state Our Values but demonstrate and live them throughout Couchbase.


As a public company, we are committed to strong corporate governance and effective board oversight. We believe that building trust and accountability is critical to our success and the long-term interest of our shareholders. 

Governance includes corporate security and product security for our cutting-edge database solutions. Couchbase demonstrates commitment to security by setting forth policies, strategic direction, providing resources and empowering employees. Industry best practices and security by design are ingrained in our policies, procedures, software development practices and cloud operations.

Governance also includes data privacy, a key area of focus for Couchbase. We track global standards and laws to ensure we meet our commitments and obligations with respect to the privacy of our Couchbase community, customers and others who engage with our company. We strive to incorporate privacy by design and continuously review the requirements of data privacy laws that apply to our products and services.

Identifying ESG Priorities

Our ESG strategy will focus on five priorities identified by a recent materiality assessment based on both internal and external stakeholder perspectives:

  • Data Privacy & Cybersecurity
  • Employee Recruitment Development & Retention
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Employee Engagement Well-Being & Satisfaction
  • Business Ethics

Please check out our ESG Highlights for FY23 and stay tuned as we look to publish more information on our ESG programs.

Our Policies in Support of Our ESG Efforts